summer TRAINING MEGA DRAFT Dates: Feb 24-27, 2022 Location: Cactus Yards 4536 E. Elliot Road Gilbert, AZ 85234

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What’s a Spiderz Mega Draft Slow Pitch Softball Tournament?

To start, it’s probably the most fun you’ll have playing slow pitch softball all year, that’s what! Simply put, anyone who wants to come out and play softball on Feb 24-27, 2022
at Cactus Yards in Gilbert AZ; no matter who they play for during the regular season, no matter what class/sanction they play, no matter age (need to be 18+), and no matter sex!

We take all of these people, throw their names into a hat, draw random teams, and play ball! When it's's over!Being part of a Mega Draft allows you to relax a bit and have FUN like the game was meant to be played!

You'll have no idea how good your team is, or how good the the other teams are. No team is the "Favorite", because every team is an unknown. There are far too many variables and such little time to put it all together, that EVERY TEAM stands a fair chance at winning. 

How quickly can your team gel, put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and put a winning lineup out on the field? That's the trick. The '19 Spiderz Sin City Mega Draft Champions went 0-2 in their first 2 games before going undefeated the rest of the tournament! 

Come prepared to play ball, meet some new "like minded" people (let's be slow pitch players are a rare breed!), HAVE FUN, and enjoy the everything that Spring Training has to offer!


Join Us Dates: Feb 24-27, 2022

Location: Cactus Yards 4536 E. Elliot Road Gilbert, AZ 85234


Playing Ball & Getting Dirty in Arizona!

The Spiderz Mega Draft Concept:  Let's throw one time events in fun "vacation/party" destinations, keep it fair, draft random teams, suit them up in a bunch of fresh new Spiderz gear, award AWESOME prizes, and invite ANYONE who wants to play. More importantly, make the atmosphere pumping and DJs spinning, keeping the party rolling on and off the field. Give FREE stuff away and let people know this is MORE than just a softball tournament..... it's an EXPERIENCE!

Are you looking to play some Fun and "Drama Free" softball?​
Are you fed up with player/team classifications, and just want to play ball?
Are you looking to meet new people in the slow pitch softball community, from around the World?​
Are you tired of playing in the same old tournaments with the same lame prizes?​
Are you tired of playing the same teams and same people every weekend?
​Are you ready to have some fun On and Off the Las Vegas, NV?

We anticipate this to SELL OUT in RECORD time!

This year's Spiderz Music City Mega Draft in Nashville, TN is bringing together 1500+ players from 50 different states and 3 countries. It SOLD OUT in less than 6 HOURS!!!  We anticipate Sin City will sell out in less than 4 hours! Do NOT sleep on this, LITERALLY! 
Using (6) ALL TURF fields at the Big League Dreams Complex, we've expanded the tournament to (4) FULL Days of play! BE READY TO PLAY THURSDAY MORNING!  
If you've ever wanted to play in a Spiderz Mega Draft Event.... or try something new.....THIS IS THE TIME!  


BEST PRIZE PACKAGE AROUND! (over $32,000 in prizes & giveaways)

1st Place: EVERY PLAYER on the Championship Team will receive a NEW Custom Spiderz Sin City Mega Draft/PURE Softball Bat, a NEW Spiderz Bat Bag, a pair of Limited Edition "Top Finishers" Spiderz Batting Gloves and an Automatic "PLAYER" Berth to play in our '21 Spiderz Mega Draft National Championship for $15,000 on Jan 14-16, 2022 in Pensacola, FL!!
2nd Place: Every player on the 2nd place team will receive a NEW Spiderz/PURE Beach Bum Softball Bat and a pair of Limited Edition "Top Finishers" Spiderz Batting Gloves. 
​3rd Place: Every player on the 3rd place team will receive a Custom Spiderz Fielding Glove and a pair of Limited Edition "Top Finishers" Spiderz Batting Gloves. ​
4th Place: 
Every player on the 4th place team will receive a Stock Spiderz Fielding Glove and a pair of Limited Edition "Top Finishers" Spiderz Batting Gloves.
5th/6th Place: 
Every player on the 5th/6th place team will receive a NEW Spiderz Bat Bag and a pair of Limited Edition "Top Finishers" Spiderz Batting Gloves.
7th/8th Place:
 Every player on the 7th/8th place team will receive a pair of Limited Edition "Top Finishers" Spiderz Batting Gloves.​
Individual Tourney Awards: 
 $250 CASH for #1 Overall Pick, Award Plaques for Tournament MVP and Gold Glove
​Home Run Derby: NO HOME RUN DERBY for VEGAS BIG! The BLD Complex doesn't work well for HR Derby.


The Spiderz Spring Training Mega Draft!

It's time to secure your spot in the '22 Spiderz Spring Training Mega Draft on Feb 24-27, 2022! Limited to the first 1,152 paid entries or until Wed June 30, 2021 (which ever happens first). We will then host a LIVE DRAFT (we randomly select teams based on sex and position) on social media and draft 96 teams on Friday August 20, 2021 (or sooner)! 
***DRAFT DAY BONUS*** - #1 Overall Pick will receive $250 CASH!!!
Once the teams are drafted, we will set up Facebook Groups for each one of the teams to allow you the chance to get to know your teammates a bit before October 28th.  This way you can try to get a jump on positions, talk about ride sharing, splitting hotel rooms if needed, etc.  Makes it a lot easier meeting you new teammates in real life come tourney time.


Here's What's ALL INCLUDED When You Sign Up For The '21 Spiderz Sin City Mega Draft

Your Name Entered Into The Spiderz Spring Training Mega Draft ("Draft Day" is August 20, 2021 via Facebook Live - #1 Overall Pick will receive $250 CASH!!)
Invite to our Thursday Night "Meet & Greet" Party: 
Meet up with your team and everyone else for a casual night OFF the field, Late Thursday night after games conclude at our OG spot.... Gold Spike! 
4 Game Guarantee Tournament with Your Newly Drafted Team 
(over $32,000 in tournament prizes & giveaways!)
Spiderz Spring Training Mega Draft Uniform Package in Your Team's Assigned Colors (valued at $235+ alone!):
 (2) Full Dye Team Short Sleeve Jerseys, , (1) Hat or (1) Headband, (2) pairs of Full Dye Shorts (Mens or Womens cut), (1)pair of Spiderz Spring Training Mega Draft Batting Gloves (final design will be released after Draft Day)
​Your Name Entered Into Multiple Product Raffles Before/During/After the Tourney! (we're giving away over $7,000 worth of stuff! Fielding Gloves, Bat Bags, Batting Gloves, Bats, Custom Cleats, Autographed Memorabilia and More!)
Winning team gets auto berth to National Championship in Cancun Mexico​
New Friendships & Connections To Softball Players From Around The World!


Tournament Rules

Let's get these few important ones out of the way first: (as I know these are the first questions you'll ask, lol!)

Complex Location- All games will be played at Cactus Yards 4536 E. Elliot Road Gilbert, AZ 85234

Tournament Format- 4 Game Guarantee: 1 Play-In Game and then a seeded double elimination championship bracket , with a consolation bracket for teams that go 0-2 in bracket pay

Draft Rules: Females, Pitchers, Infielders, Outfielders and C/AH will be split up and randomly drafted as evenly as possible across entire draft board in a snake draft format.

Bat List - All Current ASA and USSSA Bats will be allowed!

Balls - Men MUST hit 12" BAMM Athletics Classic M Balls w/Spiderz Stamp on it and Women will have OPTION to hit 11" or 12" Classic M Balls w/Spiderz Stamp on it. (6 men's balls and 2 women's balls will be supplied to each team before the tournament starts. If you lose all of your balls, more will be available for purchase at the Spiderz Tent)

Home Run Limit - Five (5) Home Runs/Game. All Home Runs over the limit will be considered a Dead Ball Out. Female Home Runs DO COUNT towards total. Hit and Sit, no need to run them out.

Lineup - Each team must present their lineup to the other team before 1st pitch. Each team will be supplied with a Scorebook, to keep score and keep track of the opposing team. Each team MUST bat all players. However only (10) will take the field. No (2) of the same sex may sit the bench at the same time. No player may sit out from playing a defensive position more than 7 innings for every 14 innings played unless player should so choose to. Each team will need to monitor this as a whole. Please be respectful and fair to your teammates that also came to play. (No player can be an EH for back to back games unless that player should so choose to)If a player "No Shows" to a BRACKET game, that player will be immediately removed from the roster and no longer eligible to win any prizes, or participate in any future Spiderz Mega Draft events. If a player "No Shows" to a PLAY IN game, and then show up to the next game, the team can vote on if they want to have that player back or immediately removed from the roster/tournament and no longer eligible to win any prizes.If a player is "running late": Bracket Game - team must add him/her to the end of lineup and every time that person comes to bat, and they're not there, that spot will be an out (EACH TIME) OR consider the player a "No Show" and they will be removed from the tournament.Play-In Game - The team can start the game without that person in the lineup, and he/she arrives BEFORE they have batted through the lineup, that player must be added to the end. If the player shows up AFTER they have batted through the lineup, that player is no longer eligible to play in that game, cannot substitute for another player and tam can vote o have that player removed from tournament. No team may have any less than, 1 less female than the other team. If a team roster drops, and their active female count is more than 1 less than the other teams active female count, the short team must add an automatic out spot to their lineup.

Pinch Runners - 1 per inning, per sex, per team. Runner has to be of the same sex and can be anyone on the team (however if that runner comes up to bat in the lineup before he/she scores or gets out, that runners spot in the lineup will be an automatic out and NO OFFENSIVE EJECTION) . NOTE: A pinch runner may be used twice in the same inning if the person needing the runner gets on again (the pinch runner must also be the same runner used earlier that inning). 
Run Rules - 20 runs After 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings

Time Limit - Games will be scheduled every 70 minutes. No new inning may start after 60 minutes . Time starts after coin flip! Hustle in and Hustle Out!

Pitching - 4'-10' height limit, jukes/faking ok, all pitchers MUST wear a mask - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Co-Ed Rules:  Females can play anywhere on the field. No outfield co-ed line will be used. If a male is walked and a female is on deck, the male gets 2nd base (must run it out) and the female will have the option to hit or take a free walk ONLY when there are 2 outs. Females CANNOT be thrown out at 1st base from an outfield position (or an assist from an OF position). Female on deck batters must CLEARLY be the next person to bat, and in the on deck circle area.

Roster Additions: NO additions will be made to any roster unless tournament director adds them. In the event a player drops leading up to within 1 week of event, the tournament director will make best attempt to fill the empty roster spot with someone who is on the official waiting list. If a player drops within 1 week of event, that team will play less 1 payer.

Injury: In the event a player is injured during the game and cannot continue, that spot in the lineup will be an automatic out the 1st time that spot returns to an AB, then skipped each AB thereafter. If injured player cannot play the next game, the team must play with only 11. If 2 people are injured, the team must play with 10. If a team drops to less then 10, Tournament Director will assign a "House Sub" (some one who has not played on a team yet) if available.

Awards/Prizes: If you or your team wins an award/prize, you must be on the current roster to claim. If you no showed at any point, you'll be removed from the roster and forfeit any award/prize.

Weather: Tournament director reserves all rights to modify any game to a 1-pitch, shorten game times or eliminate play-in games and/or 0-2 bracket games in the event of time constraints due to Weather.In the event of bad weather or acts of god that are out of our hands that force a tournament cancellation, no refunds will be given as each player will have received a uniform package with a retail value of $239. In addition, if tournament cancellation is announced between the tournament start and just before the finish of play in games, we will host a drawing which will include all players in the tournament and randomly choose names to distribute all prize packages. Once play-in games are completed, tournament director reserves all rights to decide prize distribution in the event of tournament cancellation.Tournament director reserves all rights. Umpires and Balls will be provided. We do kindly ask for your help in returning Home Run and Foul Balls back into play.  We do kindly ask for your help in returning Home Run and Foul Balls back into play.