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4th of July ALL INCLUSIVE Cubs Game Rooftop Ticket!

4th of July ALL INCLUSIVE Cubs Game Rooftop Ticket!

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I have been putting a lot of thought into this Cubs game, and how much fun we all had together at the Rangers game last year. As I mentioned yesterday, the Cubs have no areas where we can all be together (organized) for that game. The Bleachers sound like a great option, however those are General Admission. The likelihood of even a majority of us to be next to each other will be highly unlikely. So, naturally, I started turning over more stones to try and find something that may work. 

We found a unique opportunity that I think we're going to jump on. I know everyone has their own budgets for Food/Entertainment for the weekend. However, if you planned on going to the game, having a few beers, eating food at any point and wanted to hang out with Spiderz peeps in a very unique atmosphere.....then please join us to watch the game across the street on an All Inclusive Rooftop on Sheffield Ave!!!!! 

The cost per person is $106 + tax ($122.54) and includes all you can eat and drink (soda, beer and seltzers). We can enter as early as 1-hour before game time and they stop serving alcohol at the 7th inning (just like inside the stadium). I don't know about you, but I tend to spend a bit on food/beverage at a game and have always wanted to sit in these seats since I was kid!  If this isn't your thing, or just want to physically be at Wrigley Field, we get it. There are no hard feelings. But if you want a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, this is it!! Please join us!

This will only be open until next Monday (March 11) morning as we need to reserve the spot with an exact head count. Get your tickets now! 
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