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The Spiderz Mega Draft National Championship

Compete in any or all (10) of our Qualifying Spiderz Mega Draft Slow Pitch Softball Tournaments to MEET new friends, WIN awesome prizes and EARN your berth to the 2024 Spiderz Mega Draft National Championship in Ft Lauderdale, FL January 10-12, 2025! The tournament features 312 players (26 teams) and is Invite Only, based on your final season point standings or any Auto Berths awarded during the 2024 season. Captains (the TOP 26 point earners) will draft their own teams LIVE at the event and compete for over $30,000 in Prizes AND the Spiderz Mega Draft National Champion Chain Necklaces!


Spiderz Mega Draft FAQ

How does a player earn points?

Players will earm individual points based on team finish of each event:

1st Place: 300 points
2nd Place: 250 points
3rd Place: 200 points
4th Place: 175 points
5th/6th Place: 150 points
7th/8th Place: 125 points
9th-12th Place: 100 points
13th Place+: 50 points

Other Points Awarded:
Play-In Game WIN: 5 points
Winner Bracket BYE: 10 points

Winner Bracket WIN: 10 points
Loser Bracket WIN: 5 points
"Dog House" Consolation Bracket WIN: 2 points
"Dog House" Consolation Bracket WINNER: 20 points

Example Scenario: A player named John Smith played in the Spring Break Mega Draft. His team won both of their play-in games, and then took 5th place with a bracket record of 5-2. Of the team wins, 4 of 5 wins were in the Winners Bracket and 1 win was in the Losers Bracket. His total points earned for this tournament were:

150 points = 5th Place in the "Spring Break Mega Draft"
10 points = (2) Play-In Game Wins at 5 points each
40 points = (4) Winner's Bracket Game Wins at 10 points each
5 points = (1) Loser's Bracket Game Win at 5 points)
TOTAL for John Smith: 205 points

How does a player qualify for the National Championship?

Each PLAYER on the winning team of each of our (10) qualifying tournaments will receive an Automatic Berth to the National Championship! We'll then fill in the remaining spots to fill the (288) player roster by taking the top 2024 Point Leaders following the final event of the 2024 season.

If our team wins a '24 qualifying tournament, are we playing together as a team in the national championship

No. You qualify to participate in the National Championship as a PLAYER, not a team. If your team WINS one of the qualifying tournaments, EACH PLAYER on that team will get an Individual PLAYER Berth to the National Championships. New teams will be drafted for the National Championship. 

What is the tie breaker if there is a tie to qualify?

We will use the highest AVG points per tournament played for those tied players. If there is a further tie, we will use who had the highest team place/result of any tournament.

IE: Peter, Paul and Mary are all tied at 480pts, and we need (2) people to get in. Peter has played in 2 tournaments this season (240pts/tourny avg) with highest finish of 4th place. Paul has played in 3 tournaments this season (160pts/Tourney) with highest finish of 5th/6th, and Mary has played in 3 tournaments this season (160pts/Tourney) with highest finish of 7th/8th. PETER has the highest avg of 240 so he will get the 1st spot. Paul and Mary are tied in avg, so we move on to the highest finish. PAUL would get in, as he had a higher finish at 5th/6th over Mary's 7th/8th

How/when will teams be drafted for the national championship?

Teams will be drafted for the National Championship the FRIDAY NIGHT January 10, 2025 of the National Championship Tournament at the Meet and Greet in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

We will assign each of the (26) teams a "TEAM CAPTAIN" by electing the Top 26 Point Leaders for 2024 and letting them DRAFT their own team using the remaining qualified/invited players. The Top 2024 Point Leader will have 1st pick overall, followed by the 2nd place point leader, 3rd place point leader and so on. The draft will be in a "SNAKE" format, and all females will need to be divided up equally (no team will have more than 1 more female than any other). Players bios (positions played) will be available for Team Captains to review, as they try to Draft their "National Championship Team"!

What will be the tournament format for the national championship?

The National Championship will offer a 2 game play-in, into a seeded double elimination Championship bracket.

Will there be a charge to play in the national championship?

If you qualify, there will be a non-refundable $99 registration fee due by November 15th, 2023 which will include (2) Jerseys and (1)Ball.

Will we be supplied team uniforms for the national championship?

Spiderz will supply each player with (2) National Championship jerseys.

How do I get more info on a qualifying event?

Simply look at the section above or below this, and click on one of the (8) events you may have interest in. There you will find all information regarding that particular event as well as registration info.

What is alumni status?

Spiderz appreciates all of our past participants.

If you have played in at least (1) of our Mega Draft events over the past (365) days, we consider you "Alumni". We give "Alumni" a few hours jump on event registration over the general public. We will notify "Alumni" via email specific days/times/codes to use for early registration. (we use the participants email address used at prior event registration). Our way of saying Thank You and Welcome Back!