Spiderz Mega Draft Softball Tournament Rules


4 Game Guarantee (weather pending): 1 Play-In Game leading into a seeded Double Elimination championship bracket , along with a consolation bracket.



Females, Pitchers, SS, 3B, 2B, 1B, OF and C/AH will be split up and randomly drafted as evenly as possible across entire draft board in a snake draft format LIVE on Facebook.

Results will be posted at www.MusicCityMegaDraft.com immediatley following Live Draft.



ASA/USA and USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bats with any of the following certification stamps on them will be approved in Spiderz Mega Draft play:


Men MUST hit the official 12" BAMM Athletics, .44/375 ball with Spiderz logo clearly printed on it. Women will have the option to hit the Men's ball or an 11" BAMM Athletics, .44/400 ball with Spiderz logo clearly printed on it.

6 men's balls will be supplied to each team before the tournament starts. Women's balls will be supplied by tournament and kept on the fields. If you lose all of your Men's balls, or wish to have more, they will be available for purchase at the Spiderz Tent.



Five (5) Home Runs/Game. All Home Runs over the limit will be considered a Dead Ball Out. Female Home Runs DO COUNT towards total. Hit and Sit, no need to run them out or touch 1st base.



~Each team must present their lineup to the other team, at coin toss, before 1st pitch.

~Each team is supplied 1 scorebook. Please take a clean book, and make sure that runs are scored accuratley with umpire during each game.

~Each team MUST bat all of their rostered players. However, only 10 players will take the field on defense.

~No (2) players of the minority sex may sit out of playing defense at the same time. 

~No player may sit out from playing a defensive position more than 7 innings for every 14 innings played unless player should so verbaly choose to. We ask each team to monitor this carefully. Please be respectful and fair to your teammates that also came to play.



Players must be in the LINEUP IN EVERY GAME!

If a player doesn't show up to a PLAY IN game, the team can vote on if they want to have that player back or immediately removed from the roster/tournament and no longer eligible to win any prizes.

If a player doesn't show up to a BRACKET game, that player will be immediately removed from the roster and no longer eligible play any further games or win any prizes.

If a player is "running late" to a game the player must be added to the end of the lineup. If the player misses his/her 1st AB, the team will take a recorded out for that player. If the player misses his/her 2nd AB, the player will be immediatley disqualified from the rest of the tournament (and NO out will be taken for this AB or any future AB's during this game). If you're "Running Late", you need to clearly communicate that with your team prior to game time or you will be considered a now show.

No players can be added to the lineup once the lineup has hit through.



In the event 2 opposing teams have an unequal amount of female players, the team with lesser amount must MATCH the number of females the opposing team has playing on defense until all bench options have been exhausted.

EXAMPLE: Visiting Team has 12 players in which 4 are Women and the Home Team has 12 players in which 3 are Women. The Visiting Team would have 3 women playing the field and 1 on the bench as an AH. The Home team would now be required to play ALL 3 of their women in the field, and sit 2 men.



In the event 2 opposing teams have an unequal amount of female players by 1, no lineup adjustments are required.

If the female differential from the opposing team is greater than 1, the team with the LESSER females will need to add a "dummy spot" to their lineup and take an automatic out each time that spot comes to bat during the enire game. The team that is short females must add enough "Dummy Spots" to their lineup to be within 1 female differential of the opposing team.

EXAMPLE: Visiting Team has 4 Women and the Home Team has 2. The Home Team would have to add a "Dummy Spot" to their lineup and take an out evry time that spot comes to bat throughout the game.

All LIVE rosters can be viewed at anytime by going to this Mega Draft Tournament website and clicking LIVE ROSTER. If you are playing a team you feel has an illegal player in their lineup and would like to appeal the roster: call time out (before the last out of the game), announce to the umpire that you would like to appeal a player on the other teams roster, present the umpire $100 CASH, and the umpire will stop the clock and contact a tournament director. The tournament director will check IDs of the player(s) in question and review scorebook if needed. If a player is determined as illegal, the appealing team will get their $100 back and the violating team (all players) will be immediately removed from the tournament. If player(s) are determined legal, the clock will restart and the $100 will be given to the umpire for wasting his time. All players must remain on the field until an official tournament director can come to the field. If at any time the player(s) in question leave the field of play while waiting for the tournament director, they will be determined illegal and team will be removed. No appeals can be made after the last out of the game. 



1 per inning, per sex, per team. Runner has to be of the same sex and can be anyone on the team (however if that runner comes up to bat in the lineup before he/she scores or gets out, that runners spot in the lineup will be an automatic out and NO OFFENSIVE EJECTION) . NOTE: A pinch runner may be used twice in the same inning if the person needing the runner gets on again (the pinch runner must also be the same runner used earlier that inning). 
----------------------------------------------------------------------RUN RULES

20 runs After 3 innings

15 runs after 4 innings

10 runs after 5 innings

Run rules are in effect EVERY GAME



All Games (unless noted below) will be scheduled every 70 minutes. No new inning may start after 60 minutes .

Time starts after coin flip. Hustle In and Hustle Out

Games can start as early as 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time! BE EARLY.

Winners Bracket Undefeated Game and Loser's Bracket Final will be 90 minute games

Championship Game - NO TIME LIMIT



4'-10' height limit from the ground, jukes/faking ok, pitcher must toe rubber on release.

All pitchers MUST wear a mask or helmet - NO EXCEPTIONS!

All counts start at 1-1, no courtesy fouls.



Females can play anywhere on the field. No outfield co-ed line will be used.

If a male is walked and a female is on deck, the male gets 2nd base (must run it out, touch 1B) and the female will have the option to hit or take a free walk ONLY when there are 2 outs.

Females who are up to bat CANNOT be thrown out at 1st base from an outfield position (or an assist from an OF position).

Umpires discretion in determining outfield/infield defensive positioning.

Female on deck batters must CLEARLY be the next player up to bat, and in the on deck area. If a female batter is on deck, and is not visible and the male batter in front of her is walked with 2 outs, the male batter will only get 1st base and the female batter must hit.



Absolutley NO additions/pickups will be made to any roster unless a Spiderz Mega Drafts Tournament Director adds them. In the event a player drops leading up to within 1 week of event, the tournament director will make best attempt to fill the empty roster spot with someone who is on the official waiting list. If a player drops within 1 week of event, that team will play less 1 payer.



In the event a player is injured during the game and cannot continue, that spot in the lineup will be an automatic out the 1st time that spot returns to an AB, then skipped each AB thereafter with no penalty. If injured player cannot play the next game, the team must play with only 11 and that player will not be allowed to return for the rest of the tournament. If 2 people are injured, the team must play with 10. If a team drops to less then 10, Tournament Director will assign a "House Sub" (some one who has not played on a team yet) if available.


AWARDS/PRIZES/POINTS: If you or your team wins an award/prize, you must be on the current roster to claim. If you no showed at any point, you'll be removed from the roster and forfeit any award/prize. If you leave the tournament early, you risk losing any award/prize/points you may have qualified for.



Tournament director reserves all rights to modify any game to a 1-pitch, shorten game times, eliminate play-in games and/or 0-2 bracket games in the event of time constraints due to Weather.

In the event of bad weather or acts of god that are out of our hands that force a tournament cancellation, no refunds will be given as each player will have received a uniform package

In addition, if tournament cancellation is announced between the tournament start and just before the finish of play-in games, we will host a drawing which will include all players in the tournament and randomly choose names to distribute all prize packages.

Once play-in games are completed, tournament director reserves all rights to decide prize distribution in the event of tournament cancellation. Tournament director reserves all rights.